If you are interested in a party not already listed in my shop, let me know here:

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2 thoughts on “Build-A-Party

  • Angélique Jutras

    I’m from Quebec, in Canada (excuse my English, I hope you’ll understand all my questions…). I love your desserts tables and all what you do, I also make this kind of tables for my sons and newfies birthday, but nobody in my area do this…

    I would like to offer my services to my friends… and her friends… But I have some questions to you, of course if you want to help me.

    At first, I imagine that all vases and plates are to you. If they are broken in a party, do you charge the amout to the customer?

    All this beautiful vases are often full of candy (to much candy… lol!). Does all the content are to the customer and he pay for? Does he keep all the candy after the event. And if not, what do you do with?

    And the “printables” decorations? Do you keep them or let them to the custumer (mainly when it’s for childs birthdays: banners, centerpieces,…)?

    Finely, the question… how to you set the price for each table? Do you have un charter, a price list, anything else to present to the customer when he contact you?

    Thanks you in advance for your help, suggestions and advices.

  • Suleyma Velasquez


    I would like to purchase the Hot Wheels Fuel small water labels. Please let me know how I can do that.

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