Fun Fall Foods

We have been finding some great Fall ideas on Pinterest, so I decided to share a few!

Mummy Dogs (recipe via Family Fun)

Hotdog wrapped in biscuit dough like a mummy


Jack-o-Lantern Quesadillas (idea came from here)


and… (wait for it…)


Mine was nowhere near as cute as the original from Munchkin Munchies, but I let the kids design it, and they thought it tasted great.

Pizza that looks like a monster

And we went the super lazy route and just cut a Boboli premade crust into a rectangle. Quick and yummy!

I’m not sure why my older son feels the need to make a ‘dinosaur face’ in every photo, but it’s a lot less scary since he lost all four front teeth! LOL!

Feel free to share your Halloween fun!


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