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If you want to make your own envelopes (because you find the perfect scrapbook paper to match your theme, or just to save some money), download this template. It’s a PDF file, and there are several free PDF readers available. Try for one.

Click here to download an envelope template



5 thoughts on “Shop

  • Susan

    hot wheels party ASAP : )

  • Jane

    I need a label created for a small water bottle. It needs to say, Thank you for BEEING our customer!
    And we need a photo of a flying bee on it. ?

    • Renees Soirees

      Hi Jane,

      I can create a custom item for you. The would have be similar to this, but with different text:
      (See first photo of water wraps)

      You can choose your background. Like if you want them to all be a honeycomb background, that’s fine. Or you can keep the mixed set I already have here:

      Bee water wraps

      And they would be $9 for the digital file emailed to you. If you want me to print them onto waterproof labels for you, let me know how many and I’ll give you a custom quote.


  • Paula Washington

    Can I order the sunflower banner that hangs in front of the table thru you for a baby shower?

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