Making the Seasons Special

I LOVE the seasons and holidays – all of them!
I always change the decorations in my house on a monthly basis, to mark whatever holiday is coming up (OK well I just do general seasonal stuff for June and August, when there isn’t a major holiday).

A New Twist on Advent Calendars

AND I do custom “Countdowns” for most holidays. Sort of an Advent Calendar on steroids. I do Countdown Calendars with my children for:  Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, the beginning of school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! That’s 8! And my son loves it.

Each one has a different way of counting down, but I always include a relevant joke for each day, and sometimes a small treat (like a single candy corn or M&M… nothing over the top). It’s just an excuse to spend a little fun time together, teach him about the nuances of humor (important to me), and get him excited about the changing seasons. Plus he gets a small history lesson (we talk about who St. Valentine was, for instance).  And you’d be surprised how many vocabulary words he has learned in order to understand the jokes!

Here is one I did for St Patrick’s Day. Each stick has a joke on the back, and we start with all the sticks upside down. We open the box and turn one stick over every day and read the joke. By the end the whole garden of Shamrocks is right-side up.


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