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Ornate Frame with "We've Been Boo'd" text

{FREEBIE} “Boo” Sign & Ideas

We LOVE to “Boo” the neighbors. We usually buy an inexpensive Halloween-themed bag at the grocery store and fill it with small treats and games. If I’m feeling really ambitious then we will make a fun snack that we probably saw on Pinterest. For example:

Bat Bars!

Ghost Pretzels:

these festive and colorful cookies:
or Eyeball cookies:
This year I really wanted to make Pumpkin Snickerdoodles. But I was sick in late October, so we went with prepackaged Halloween games, and some fun spider lollipop treats:

You can get your free Boo Printable here:

Boo’d Sign & Instructions by ReneesSoirees

You can also see the sign I made last Halloween here, which has a different design.

What do you put in your Boo’d Bag?


paper box with 25 small drawers, covered in Halloween paper

Halloween Advent { Countdown Calendar }

In our house, advent calendars apply all year round. In other words, we count down to everything! I started doing it when my oldest was 4, just to give him some reading practice. Every holiday has a completely different style of countdown calendar; so no two look alike.  Typically I put in a joke or factoid for each day, plus a small treat or fun activity. Sometimes I use puzzle pieces, or scavenger hunt clues, tiny toys, etc (the drawers are 1 1/2″ square).

For Halloween, we use this 25-drawer box; therefore we have to start the countdown on day 7. (Unfortunately it stays hot here until long after October 1st, so I usually don’t think to unpack the Fall stuff until the second week of October anyway).


paper box with 25 small drawers, covered in Halloween paper

And here is my 6 year old, reading his joke. I put in one joke per kid in each drawer, and one treat per person (in this drawer it was a single candy corn).

The added benefit is that it is helping him understand humor, puns, plays on words, etc. He re-tells the jokes to his dad, his friends, the neighbors, and strangers in the supermarket.

A young boy reading a piece of paper with a Halloween joke on it

And this last one I call, “Because he’s six. And a goofball…!!”

Child using candy corn as vampire fangs

I have also been thinking of using one of these (with generic decorations) as a chore rewarder. Finish your chores (or pick up an extra one) and you get to pick a drawer. Turn the drawers around once they’re empty, until you refill them.

The drawers are called a ‘3-D Countdown Calendar’, and you can find out where to buy them locally (for $16-20) here (click on ‘Store Locator’ in the upper right corner).  If you can’t find them in local stores, you can buy them from Amazon for $22. They are white, and you then cover them with appropriate scrapbook paper (if you have a 1/2″ circle punch, it will be your BFF on this project).

By the way, because there are 25 drawers, these work great for actual Christmas Advent calendars! I use a Christmas advent that my mother sewed when I was little, so I didn’t need one for that holiday.  But there are examples all over of how to decorate it for Christmas, for instance, here, and here.

Hotdog wrapped in biscuit dough like a mummy

Fun Fall Foods

We have been finding some great Fall ideas on Pinterest, so I decided to share a few!

Mummy Dogs (recipe via Family Fun)

Hotdog wrapped in biscuit dough like a mummy


Jack-o-Lantern Quesadillas (idea came from here)


and… (wait for it…)


Mine was nowhere near as cute as the original from Munchkin Munchies, but I let the kids design it, and they thought it tasted great.

Pizza that looks like a monster

And we went the super lazy route and just cut a Boboli premade crust into a rectangle. Quick and yummy!

I’m not sure why my older son feels the need to make a ‘dinosaur face’ in every photo, but it’s a lot less scary since he lost all four front teeth! LOL!

Feel free to share your Halloween fun!


{FREEBIE} Boo’d Signs!

Well everyone loves being Boo’d, but no one loves having to make a color copy, so here is one you can print in black and white!  PLUS, the Boo’d sign and the instructions are all on one page, so you only need to make one copy per recipient.

Download the “We’ve Been Boo’d” sign here
or the Office version here
And spread some Halloween cheer!

Look for a post in the next few days, detailing what I included in my Boo Bags!

In the meantime, check out the plethora of Halloween craft, costume and food ideas on my Halloween Pinterest board.



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