{FREEBIE} Boo’d Signs!

Well everyone loves being Boo’d, but no one loves having to make a color copy, so here is one you can print in black and white!  PLUS, the Boo’d sign and the instructions are all on one page, so you only need to make one copy per recipient.

Download the “We’ve Been Boo’d” sign here
or the Office version here
And spread some Halloween cheer!

Look for a post in the next few days, detailing what I included in my Boo Bags!

In the meantime, check out the plethora of Halloween craft, costume and food ideas on my Halloween Pinterest board.



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3 thoughts on “{FREEBIE} Boo’d Signs!

  1. Thank you – just what we were looking for – the words to the neighbors are friendly. the printing is economical, and the design is cute! We’re excited about boo’ing the neighbors soon!

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