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Egg Flower by Renee's Soirees

Easter Snacks

I love festive foods. Why bring a regular Deviled Eggs to a Spring lunch, when you could bring some shaped like a flower?

Last Easter I made a basic egg salad recipe, then used the hollowed-out eggs that would normally be filled for deviled eggs, and instead arranged them around a scoop of egg salad on a plate. The flower stem and surrounding ‘grass’ is made of parsley.

Technically this is easier than making deviled eggs, because the guests are filling them themselves (or just scooping them onto their plate).


Egg Salad flower on Renees Soirees

I also made some croissants stuffed with chicken salad. I bought the chicken salad from the local Fry’s (part of Kroger) store, because I happen to love their version.

Carrot Chicken Salad Rolls on Renees Soirees
Here is the how-to for making the ‘Carrot’ Croissants.

Chicken Salad rolls on Renee's Soirees

Easter treats by Renees Soirees

I haven’t decided which Easter treats I’ll be making this year…

If you are looking for inspiration, feel free to peruse my Easter Pinterest board!

Happy Spring!

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easter lamb cake

Easter Goodies

Easter is my MOST favorite holiday. How could you not love the pastel colors, the spring blossoms, the fun activities for kids, and the message of hope?

We made this adorable Lamb Cake with the kids, who were able to do much of the decorating, because it was fairly easy. Plus they really wanted to sneak a bunch of mini marshmallows into their mouths in the name of ‘helping’.

lamb cake with marshmallows

side view of easter lamb cake from Parents magazine

The original diagram on how to cut the cake is missing from the recipe link, so this next photo will give you an idea of how it’s done. You start with 2 Sara Lee frozen butter pound cakes. Cut a few inches of one of the cake ends off, and place it on the top of itself, on the opposite side. That becomes the head. Cut another few inches off the backside again, and cut it again into a shape that would fit into a Dixie cup (approximately), to form the muzzle or face of the lamb.

man frosting a lamb shaped cake

An aside… The 3 cutest pics you can take of your man:

  1. Napping with a newborn on his chest
  2. Frosting a cake with his children
  3. Sewing props for his daughter’s play on a small, pink Barbie sewing machine  (Yes I have that photo, too, but he’d probably never frost another lamb cake for me if I post it. LOL)

And here is the finished product, with a very happy 6-year-old:

child with Easter lamb cake

In hindsight, I would probably skip the collar. It was a sweet lamb without having to be domesticated.


And here are some more Easter treats… RICE KRISPIE PEEP NESTS!

rice krispie candy nests for Easter

I made these in muffin tins… here is my previous post about how I did them.

And of course, the requisite HOT CROSS BUNS. Except I made mine with chocolate chips. Because that’s how I roll… (get it?)  🙂

chocolate chip hot cross buns for Easter

I brought my recipe back from Australia, so the measurements are not easily ‘translated’, but here is a similar recipe that I have also tried. That one calls for cinnamon chips, which can be difficult to find, so you may have to substitute chocolate chips anyway (oh the horror).

And finally, the photo that my youngest son will probably never forgive me for:

woman holding a baby in a bunny outfit

Hopefully he will forgive his mother’s CHEESEBALL side someday!  I already know he will probably get married on a remote beach somewhere, so there can be NO slideshow.  Haha!

Have a glorious Easter!!


Easter Treats!



Made of:
•Rice Krispie Treats shaped into a nest (via a muffin pan)
•Coconut (green food coloring & coconut in a ziptop baggie, shake)
•Egg-shaped candy (Jelly Beans, Whoppers, etc)
•Chick Peeps

The idea for these came from the Rice Krispie ‘Robin’s Egg Nest’ recipe. This photo is actually from Easter 2007, so my kids were quite young, but they were still able to help shake the bag that colored the coconut, and sprinkle the ‘eggs’ on, and place the Peeps on top. It was a fun family activity.


child striking a pose with his colored easter eggs

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