Easter Snacks

I love festive foods. Why bring a regular Deviled Eggs to a Spring lunch, when you could bring some shaped like a flower?

Last Easter I made a basic egg salad recipe, then used the hollowed-out eggs that would normally be filled for deviled eggs, and instead arranged them around a scoop of egg salad on a plate. The flower stem and surrounding ‘grass’ is made of parsley.

Technically this is easier than making deviled eggs, because the guests are filling them themselves (or just scooping them onto their plate).


Egg Salad flower on Renees Soirees

I also made some croissants stuffed with chicken salad. I bought the chicken salad from the local Fry’s (part of Kroger) store, because I happen to love their version.

Carrot Chicken Salad Rolls on Renees Soirees
Here is the how-to for making the ‘Carrot’ Croissants.

Chicken Salad rolls on Renee's Soirees

Easter treats by Renees Soirees

I haven’t decided which Easter treats I’ll be making this year…

If you are looking for inspiration, feel free to peruse my Easter Pinterest board!

Happy Spring!

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