{Freebie} Teacher Appreciation

I made this bee-themed gift for my son’s First Grade teacher.

Partly I was inspired to use bees because his teacher has a running BUMBLE BEE theme in her classroom (for example, each child has a bee with their name on it on the wall, and if they misbehave they ‘lose a stinger’ or are ‘out of the hive’).

And partly I wanted to go with bees because I found this cute beehived-shaped tealight holder at Target. It was in the Dollar Spot area, so they may not have it regularly.  If you can’t find one, a yellow or black gift bag with a bee tag on it would do just fine (and hold more, as well).

supplies to make a bee themed gift

In keeping with the bee theme, I filled it with Burt’s Bees products. I purchased the ‘Head to Toe’ kit at Target for $13. I tied a ribbon around the tealight holder and put as many of the items as I could into the jar. You could add a gift card or any other small item to the jar if you prefer.

Bumble Bee themed gift for teacher appreciation

I gave it to her with the bee letter that you can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE.

bee anagram letter

I had my son write his teacher’s name at the top, and sign his name at the bottom. I also added the date in small print.

Click HERE to download the Teacher Tags.
(Then right-click and save the file).

Child and teacher with teacher appreciation gift

I think his teacher liked it, and I hope you do, too!

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8 thoughts on “{Freebie} Teacher Appreciation

  • Wow, that is a cute gift! Can’t believe you got those Burt’s Bees products for only $13!! It’s super expensive here in Canada!

    Great gift!

    • Renees Soirees

      Well they are travel-sized items. You could also buy one full-size item and stick it in there instead. I did see some full-sized items on clearance at the local Kroger grocery store, but they were all acne-specific items, and I didn’t think his teacher would appreciate that! LOL!

  • Julina

    I live this! How do I get this printable?

    • Hi Julina,

      Just click on the word “HERE” that is purple, and it will open up the attachment that you can download. There is one for the poem file and one for the gift tag.

      Hope that helps!


  • […] cream or lip balm and tie it together with ribbon or put it in a cute jar. Be sure to attach this cute bee-inspired poem about how much you appreciate your […]

  • Marion

    Thanks for the great idea. I am attaching this poem to some small honey jars. My little one has a bunch of teachers with her therapists and all so this really makes it special:)

    • Renees Soirees

      I love that idea! And locally-grown honey is supposed to help your allergies.
      Thanks for your feedback and additional idea for using the bee teacher items!


  • Love this! I’m making this now. What fonts did you use?

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